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Melting Moonboy

Art that melts the heart

A piece of home in your collection

Melting Moonboy is an NFT that depicts positivity in the Cardano blockchain. Its main goal is to spread awareness and love for great art. We believe that an art you love will never lose its value.

If you’re interested to learn more about Melting Moonboy, feel free to join our community!

Not your ordinary PFP

It's a brotherhood!
A deep dive into the meaning behind each Melting Moonboy

The making of Melting Moonboy

We ensure that all traits are given special attention to


No, please don’t consider this a financial investment as this is created only for art. Only mint if you like the art. All future benefits are just addition to these excellent NFTs.

June 15, 2022. 3pm UTC 

June 16, 2022. 3pm UTC

100 ADA

5555 collectible digital art.

55 will be reserved for giveaways and Melting moonboy’s mods. All reserved nft will be minted
the same way as the collection, everything will be randomized.

We believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why we let the holders decide the rarity.
Rare traits are just a bonus in the Melting Moonboy world.


The holder should verify his/her wallet in our discord server. After verifying, an exclusive channel will become accessible.

Yes! Whitelisted members have either crewmate or diamond roles in our discord.

Definitely! We want everyone to have a chance getting a Melting Moonboy NFT! We have allocated 3000 nfts for the public sale and all unminted nfts from the whitelist will go to public sale.

You can use any Cardano wallet that has browser extension and is compatible with NFTs. DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. Be careful of fake wallets!

Diamond Crater

Concept Designer

My name's Fred and I'm a project manager who fell in love with the beauty of crypto and NFT world. I'm an art lover who appreciates enthusiasm and talent. I think long term in everything I do. Long live Cardano!



Monitor Evaluator

My name's Kyron and I'm a creative CNFT enthusiast. I aim to bring unique ideas to the Cardano ecosystem.




Hey I’m Frannie and I have a love for all things creative. Inspired at a young age from realistic and anime art, this led me to try different art styles. I hope to share my passion with the CNFT community through creating cartoon Melting Moonboy NFTs with a realistic touch.



Resource Investigator

My name's Ares and I've been around the CNFT space for quite some time now. My goal is to provide unique art within the CNFT space, as well as help foster an active community that people are proud to be a part of.

The Team

Behind this magnificent creativeness

Our team is built with the foundation of trust. We are a group of crypto enthusiast who met in the CNFT space and wanted to create something together. Our ultimate goal is to build a community who loves and values great art.

The Melting Roadmap

We've created this roadmap as a way to reflect the creativity and fluidity that we'd like our project to have and to tackle whatever gets in our way. We want people to buy primarily for the art and community. However, to give our amazing community some ideas about what they can expect as a Melting Moonboy holder we created these achievable goals.

Quality Art

A digital collectible art dedicated to the Cardano blockchain.

Moonboy March

This happens when the community votes an upcoming project with quality art. We will march together with our diamond hands to support neighboring projects.

Metaverse Museum

We will put Melting Moonboy in the radar of popular metaverses. Moonboys need a place for its museum and also a place to vibe and chill with fellow moonboys.

Solid Community

An easy-going community with good vibes where we emphasize supporting each other's passions and goals in life.

Raffle Airdrops

We love giving back because we know moonboys love surprises.

Metaverse Friendly

It's our mission to see a glowing moonboy walking in our favorite metaverse platforms. Not only that, moonboy aims to provide well-designed and cool 3D properties.

Moonboy Connect

We will create a database for our holders to trade NFTs at their convenience. If they choose to enter their nft into our database we will have the ability to connect both buyers and sellers and redirect them to a trusted escrow service.


100 percent yours! You have the full rights to the moonboy you own to use at your own disclosure.

Long Road

We have more planned for moonboy holders. We just have the tendency to under promise and over deliver. We have a lot of paths to take, we as a community just need to choose them wisely.